The Executive Summary

The global development sector is experiencing tremendous progress, yet, grappling with lots of challenges. Negative social, economic and environmental problems have been created by the quest for development, resource control and power relations in the society. Envisioned in 2015 and registered with Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission in 2018, Development Impact Pathfinders Initiative (Devimpath) sees an opportunity to make a difference in the development sector by initiating and implementing transformative programs that will create development pathways for people, communities and the environment to thrive alongside global development.

By working with partners and stakeholders, Devimpath seeks to positively impact the lives of people, improve development pathways for marginalized populations, build resilient communities, and contribute to accelerating progress towards a more equitable and sustainable society.


Advocacy for policies, implementable strategies and institutional strengthening to address climate change, food insecurity, water and sanitation, waste pollution, education and youth unemployment.

Capacity Building

Capacity building programmes to address skills gaps, empower individuals and communities with the knowledge, tools, and other resources they need to address challenges within their communities and create opportunities for marginalized population especially women, girls and young people to improve skills, expand their knowledge and technology base so as to achieve their desired goals.


Sensitization initiatives to enhance knowledge, amplify voices and rights of the marginalized in society, and promote gender equality, girls’ education and participation of vulnerable population in decision-making.


Research and knowledge advancement projects aimed at finding evidences to inform policies and strengthening of institutional systems to achieve sustainable development.

The Passion