Devimpath value partnerships because they open pathways for resource mobilization, expertise development and programmes sustainability. We partner with both local and international organizations to reach underserved and marginalized population and communities. Development partners and donor organisations work with us to deliver impactful services to hard-to-reach communities and to ensure that grassroot population benefit from development interventions especially those that aligns with the issues we address.


The development sector is complex, dynamic and can be very difficult to navigate alone. Therefore, working together are the only way development organisations can thrive and make more impacts. At Devimpath, we do not work in silos, we open our space for collaboration with like-minded organizations, we share ideas and harness perspectives of other organization to improve on our work.

Coalition Building and Networking

We believe in collective action and in amplifying our voice through coalition building and networking. As such, we join coalition of organisations that aligns with our mission and vision and help us navigate the complexities of sustainable development. We are a part of global, regional, national and local coalitions demanding actions for the sustainable development goals, climate change, gender equality and human rights.

Stakeholders and Community Engagement

Devimpath recognizes the importance of stakeholder and community engagement in its programmes and projects. Thus, while implementing our projects, we ensure that our key stakeholders and community leaders as well as beneficiaries are carried along from inception to completion of the programme. This also helps the sustainability of our projects.

Conference Participation and Organizing

Participating in conferences, seminars and workshops give us opportunity to build new relationships, connect with global, regional and national audiences, build capacity and share our stories of impact. We also organize workshops and campaigns to communicate finding, galvanize actions and get stakeholders onboard our programmes and projects.

Volunteerism and Team Work

Devimpath promote volunteerism and inspires collection action of citizens for the development of their community and conservation of their environment and natural resources. Many of its team are freelancers and volunteers who commit their skills, experiences and in some cases, their resources to ensure effective project implementation. But we also put in place reward system to celebrate and reward hard work, outstanding performance and commitment to the growth of our organisation. These rewards are a booster and motivation for our volunteers and personnel to do more.

Training Programs for Personnel

Devimpath is committed to the personal development of its team. The organisation’s personnel attend capacity development trainings, conferences and workshops to learn new practices, build their capacities and showcase our achievements.