Green Education Programme (GEP)

Our Green Education Programme (GEP) seeks to raise new generation of green innovators, activists, negotiators and policy makers through climate education, inter-school climate change debates and school green club establishment. GEP include school greening campaigns, promoting gardening and climate smart agriculture in schools, facilitation of knowledge exchange and climate debates, WASH behavioural change campaigns, innovation challenge, etc.

Skills Bridge Fellowship

Skills Bridge Fellowship (SBF) is an initiative that aims to up-skill and hone the professional skills of aspiring non-profit leaders and development professionals in the specialties that will enable them function and maximize their potentials in the development sector. It is part of the organisation’s mission of creating development pathways for youths in Nigeria and Africa through training, internship and fellowship with development organisations.

Waste Upcycle and Business Mentorship Program

The Waste Upcycle and Business Mentorship Program was conceived to empower women and girls including young boys with alternative income skills and opportunities to create wealth from waste, conserve the environment and contribute to mitigating climate change. The focus on waste upcycling is based on the fact that waste upcycling contributes to reducing plastic pollution and protecting the environment. It also creates aesthetic values and can be a source of livelihood and income opportunities for vulnerable population.

Girl-Gender Conversation

The Girl-Gender Conversation aims to provide a platform to share valuable insights, discuss perspectives and barriers women and girls face of rising socio-economic challenges and global issues such as climate change.