Who We Are

Development Impact Pathfinders Initiative (Devimpath) is registered as an Incorporated Trustee at the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission with Registration Number – CAC/IT/NO10749 and Tax Identification Number – 208379890001. The organization was registered in March 2018 and currently operates from B49 Asokoro Modern Market by Mogadishu Cantonment, Asokoro, Abuja. The nature of business is non-profit.

Our Mission

The mission of Devimpath is to positively impact the lives of people, improve development pathways for marginalized population, build resilient communities, and contribute to accelerating progress towards a more equitable and sustainable society through skills training, policy advocacy, project implementation and research.

Our Vision

Devimpath envisions a world where development works to deliver social, economic and environmental benefits to citizens especially to the most marginalized and pro-poor communities.

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Our Objectives
  • Work with multiple stakeholders and partners to initiate and implement projects and programmes that benefit vulnerable population especially women, girls and young people.
  • Educate and engage citizens to protect, manage and conserve natural resources for sustainable development of their communities and adaptation to climate change impacts.
  • Initiate and facilitate skills enhancement trainings to build the capacity of citizens especially young people and development professionals to contribute towards addressing global challenges.
  • Advocate for women and girls’ rights, climate justice and access to resources that build community resilience and adaptation to climate change.
  • Facilitate workshops and exchange programmes to broaden and deepen citizens’ knowledge of global development and policies issues.
  • Provide independent research to inform policies and strengthen systems and institutions that advance sustainable human, environment and community development

Our Profile