School WaSH Club Flag-Off

The School WaSH club: a partnership program of WaSH-Gender and the Akwa Ibom State Ministry of Education, was formally flagged off on 27th May, amidst the Children’s Day Jamboree, in Ini LGA, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

School WaSH club aims at inculcating safe water, and adequate sanitation and hygiene practices in children when they are still tender and receptive.

There were demonstrations of both improper and proper handwashing by the WaSH-Gender team members to the admiration of the anxious children and teachers participants, who were also given opportunity to display same.

Addressing the Children, Emmanuel Akpabio(PhD): the WaSH-Gender project coordinator, emphasized the benefits of safe WaSH practices, noting that some ailments popularly attributed to witches, in our clime, are offshoots of improper WaSH practices.

Dr NsikanAbasi Wilson, an Anthropologist in the University of Uyo, and a WaSH-Gender team member, introduced the club, while other team members volunteered for different roles.

Dr Emmanuel Akpabio presented WaSH Club water bottles, exercise books and WaSH-Gender face caps to all volunteers (including Children and Teaches)

School WaSH Club will be established in all schools in Akwa Ibom State, beginning from next term, to align with SDG 3 and 6.

*School WaSH Club is an arm of the WaSH-Gender project: a trans-disciplinary research project of Water and Development Partnership Program, sponsored by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Delft Netherlands.