Our Development Pathfinders Community is a platform for young people to engage, collaborate and/or co-create solutions to environment and development challenges in their communities. It is also a platform for young people to use their skills and expertise in empowering other young people around them. By joining the community and initiating/implementing a project, they become our “Development Pathfinders”. Our Development Pathfinders Community is made up of five (5) tracks, members choose from one or two of the tracks based on their area of expertise or interest.


Social Impact Projects

This track is made up of young people who are building up projects that improve livelihoods; reduce poverty; provide basic facilities like water, sanitation and hygiene in schools and communities; promote access to education; protect the environment, and ensure peace and development in their localities. Members work together to develop realizable and achievable project.


Green Innovations and entrepreneurship

Members collaborate and help each other develop innovative green products including solar panels, solar lamps and clean energy products. Members also initiate and organise startup training, coaching and investment prospecting for young people with innovative startup ideas and business plans and attract investors.

Climate-smart agriculture

This group promotes agricultural practices that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. They share ideas on how to create agribusinesses and help farmers improve yield

Waste recycling

Members of this group work to create wealth and energy from waste. They co-create innovative waste recycling products

Policy and advocacy 

Members of this track promote policies and programmes that create enabling environment for young people to develop their potential and contribute to national and international development. They carry out campaigns and initiate and develop actions and activities to sensitize school children and students about climate change, the SDGs and inspire them to take action.

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