Capacity Building Programmes

Our capacity building programmes aim at equipping young people with the right information, tools, and best practices that would inspire and position them to initiate their own individual projects or collaborate with others in our Development Pathfinders Community to accelerate their projects. These programmes include:

Training and coaching

Our training and coaching sessions are aimed at activating the thinking mechanism of young people, building their awareness to emerging development issues, and enhancing their cognitive, creative and innovative skills. Training programmes will include topics on project management, leadership, policy, participation and governance in key development sectors.

Knowledge Exchange Platform

We facilitate International exchange programmes to enhance young peoples’ exposure to emerging development issues and provide opportunity for them to learn and interact with their counterparts in other parts of the world. This could be through virtual online platforms and onsite visits.

Online resources and webinars

Through our online resources, our community members will have access to literatures, articles, information and updates about the Sustainable Development Goals and solutions they can apply to enhance their knowledge and improve their projects. There will also be online learning and webinar on topical issues from time to time.




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