The main aim of DevImPath is to harness the energy, creative power and innovative skills of young people in building sustainable projects, promoting good policies and creating enabling environment for young people to contribute to the achievement of the sustainable development goals and participate in development decision making in Nigeria and beyond.




  • To equip young people with the right information, skills, tools and best practices that would ignite their creative mechanism, inspire social action and empower them to contribute to sustainable development.


  • To organize training and sensitization sessions that build the awareness of young people to emerging development issues, and equips them with skills to create innovative and sustainable solutions.


  • To facilitate International exchange programmes to enhance young peoples’ exposure to emerging development issues and provide the opportunity for them to learn and interact with their counterparts in other parts of the world.


  • To collaborate with both local, national and international organizations and private companies to create opportunities for young graduates to intern, volunteer and participate in fellowship opportunities in development organizations, so as to enhance their professionalism and give them work experience in the development sector.


  • To provide platforms for young people to engage their peers in developing projects and co-creating solutions that improve livelihoods; reduce poverty; provide basic facilities like water, sanitation and hygiene in schools and communities; promote access to education; protect the environment, and ensure peace and development in their localities


  • To work with young people to develop and implement projects that will benefit their communities and the nation at large


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